Three Sisters Mountains in Oregon

Watson Hydro Electrical Proposal Questions

Question: Drawing E1.1 shows that conduit C6 is 1”, drawing E3.2 in the conduit schedule shows it as being a 2”, which is correct?

Answer: Use 2" conduit

Question: Drawing E3.1 shows a LP3 panel, should it be LP1 instead?

Answer: Yes, it should be LP1

Question: Several conduits do not have tag numbers.

Answer: Those will be addressed in the "For Construction" drawings.

Question: Define the wires that go in the 1” conduit from the meter pole to the TSID pole?

Answer: Meter potentials only, use #14 THWN, or equal, like MTW.

Question: Please identify who will supply the air compressor, custom gutter, transformer pad, housekeeping pad and unit control panel.

Answer: Air compressor: by owner, Custom gutter: by electrical contractor, Transformer pad: by owner, Housekeeping pad: by owner, Unit control panel: by trubine controls sub-contractor

Question: The specifications say that the electrical contractor is responsible for instrumentation and controls, please clarify.

Answer: The electrical contractor is responsible for supplying wiring to the instrument and controls. The instrument and controls are supplied by others.

Question: Please identify the portable generator connection device>

Answer: No receptable is required. We need a NEMA 3R disconnect only.

Question: Please identify the welder outlets.

Answer: 50A, single phase receptacle.

Question: Do we need to provide startup assistance.

Answer: There may be some necessary, but we will do it on time and materials. Please do not include it in the bid.

Question: Please supply more detailed ground grid systme information.

Answer: All excavation, fill and compaction will be the responsibility of TSID. The grid will be installed under the footings, partially in the concrete turbine embedment and partially in the ground. The exact location of the grid wires is not critical as long as the required length of wire and number of rods are buried.

Question: What is the conductor size attaching to the TSID pole that heads to the CEC system?

Answer: 2/0 ACSR

Question: In the evaluation criteria, does all the key personnel experience, proposer experience, past project descriptions and references have to be included with the proposal?

Answer: Yes, it needs to be included. But it is perfectly acceptable to put that information electronically on disk. It does not need to all be printed on paper.