Three Sisters Mountains in Oregon

Geo-Spatial Solutions

Since 2001, Geo-Spatial Solutions Inc. (GSS) has been providing technical support and guidance for TSID’s utilization of ESRI Geographic Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies.

System Optimization Review

TSID has been using GIS/GPS to support a variety of initiatives including an inventory of irrigation infrastructure, hardcopy-to-digital map conversion, water right mapping/transfers, and most recently, a System Optimization Review (SOR) study.

Completing the SOR meant that the district had to know the location and characteristics of each structure. GSS, an ESRI Business Partner, recommended using a high accuracy Trimble mapping grade GPS unit used in conjunction with ArcPad by ESRI to map the physical location of all canals/laterals, farm turnouts, and relevant structures and to tag each asset with information that was needed to complete the feasibility study. The district purchased a Trimble GeoXH GeoCollector package from ESRI. TSID, using a group of trained interns, completed its inventory over the next three months.

The GPS data was loaded into the district’s GIS database (geodatabase) to serve as the primary data repository. This approach increased efficiencies, reduced redundancies, and by using the GIS database in conjunction with EPANET, allowed the district to run piping scenarios in support of the SOR. Specifically, the district was able to:

TSID’s SOR was innovative and made a compelling case for further exploiting the use of GPS/GIS technologies as a best-management practice for agricultural water districts. The benefits the district receives from their foundation of GIS information do not end with the SOR, but will continue to support district staff and management for as long as they desire.

About Geo-Spatial Solutions Inc.

Geo-Spatial Solutions, Inc. (GSS) provides GIS solution and technical services to agricultural water districts. Founded in 1998, the company is an Authorized ESRI Business Partner that uses ESRI GIS technologies to fuse GIS/GPS technologies and the Internet to deliver on-demand access to land, asset, and water related information. Visit us at our web page for more information.